Race Info

Once upon a time there was a foot race called “Skamalingsbanke løbet”, it was held far, far out in the countryside in a lot of hills until 1995.

Early in the year of 2012 2 happy local guys agreed upon to resuming the joys of running in the hills. They quickly discovered they had lots of ideas:  so now it was time for a Christmas Race instead of a fall race – and the race also had to be HARDER!

Like in the olden times, the race was to be held at Design & Idrætsefterskolen Skamling. December 16th. 2012 almost 100 Elfes was ready for the first Juleløbet Skamling – and it was like a real fairytaile with lots of snow, “pebernødder”,  warm blackcurrant juice on the routes and glögg and “æbleskiver” and “julehygge”  after the race – and of course presents for the runners. Since then the race has grown to appr.  400 runners, but “julehyggen”, routes and the content is still the same, even better, because the two guys still has a lot of ideas – and now they even got company of 6 more Santas!!

The race still starts at Design & Idrætsefterskolen Skamling, over Skamlingsbanken, Grønninghoved and through the woods of Elves and Trolls.

The Santas at Skamling is looking forward to seeing you at Skamlingsbanken for the coolest – and most cosy Christmas Race in the world!